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To start with I cleared up the irregular clean and old artificial Christmas tree leaves and the various stuff that was deserted.

Golvläggning Stockholm www.xn--golvlggningistockholm-91b.se

At that point I purchased this stuff at Home Depot since I had heard great things about it with regards to tidying and sparkling up floors that are old/dulled/gently scratched (you know, floors that needn’t bother with a full re-completing yet could utilize some dampness/clean to fill in little scratches and seal them once more).

Subsequent to clearing, the subsequent stage was to utilize their floor cleaning shower, by simply working my way around the room splashing it on the floor and following that with the wipe (with the cleaning cushion on it). This made me frantic sweat-soaked, yo. So I give it a 7 on the effort scale. You’re not simply swabbing over the floors like you’re swiffering, you’re scouring the hell outta them to get them pleasant and clean.

At that point came the real fixing/cleaning step. This was significantly less thorough (so you ARE doing the swiffer movement here). The thought is simply to delicately spread out the fluid that you’re spilling out of the jug as you work out of the room. Gracious and for this progression you need to utilize a cleaning cushion on the wipe (it’s more similar to a sheep’s fleece cushion while the cleaning one is more scouring wipe like). Note: see the green painters tape on my wipe? That thing left the container all wonky and broken, so I needed to MacGuyver it together.

Unfortunately, when I worked out of the room I was just somewhat inspired. Parts of it had dried and looked recently as they did earlier (dull, grayed, somewhat scratched, and so forth) while different territories that were as yet wet looked marvelous.

Be that as it may, once they dried… they were all white and dry once more. I don’t know whether it was only something about our floors and the way they were revamped decades back (a few people must love this stuff since we heard incredible things) however it wasn’t a sufficiently magnificent outcome for me to move on the other two room’s floors. So it had returned to Home Depot, where I purchased another brand called Rejuvenate. It came in silk and polished yet I picked polished since the floors upstairs are pleasant and sparkling, which we like.

Regardless I utilized a similar cleaning shower and a similar wipe (with the cleaning head on it) since I as of now had those close by and wouldn’t fret the activity they did. It was quite recently the Bona sealer that had left me between a rock and a hard place (alright, simply dry). So I exchanged ol’ Wonky Mop’s make a beeline for the finishing one, yet this time as opposed to utilizing it to spread the Bona stuff, I worked out of the stay with the Rejuvenate wood floor restorer. The room resembled this some time recently:

Allowed regardless it needed to dry a bit in that shot above, yet the examination between the Bona stuff and the Rejuvenate stuff certainly left us loving Rejuvenate a great deal better. It went on more equitably and left everything rich and fixed looking – even well after it dried. Nothing looked pale a couple of hours after the fact, and I could apply two coats in each room (you could apply them a couple of hours separated as opposed to holding up 24 hours like the Bona stuff required) which was great. I even backpedaled and did the workplace again with the Rejuvenate stuff as opposed to doing a moment layer of Bona in there. Also, I was such a great amount of more joyful with it.


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